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DoctorCloud is the new Internet of Things (IoT) web platform of NFC technology for the medical industry, designed to help first-responders and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information (EMR) in an emergency.

      Anyone can potentially benefit from DoctorCloud.  However, for those with a known medical condition, the elderly or anyone taking prescribed drugs, it is particularly vital.  Most of our customers simply use the system to record their own medical information so that, when they are asked for details of their current medication, they access their DoctorCloud device and show their phone to the doctor.  It's the simplest way of ensuring that you do not forget anything.

       It’s a simple device, which anyone can use. A typical DoctorCloud user wears a wristband, similar to popular rubber charity wristbands. Other users prefer to have a key fob, or to carry a card, or to display a sticker in their home. Some choose to use a combination.


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