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It is a simple technological solution that helps to direct information and use health information of a user. It provides easy access to information on basic data such as name, surname, age, blood type, a specific disease by monitoring the user's medical file. With a simple smartphone the necessary information is accessible via Internet.
It is a simple device, which everyone can use. A typical DoctorCloud user is wearing a bracelet with distinctive appearance, similar to the well-known rubber bracelets worldwide. Other users prefer to have a key ring, or a card, or a sticker on their house, or a combination of the above. Each DoctorCloud apparatus incorporates a new technology, a chip known as «NFC».
It is made from plastic that has all the hygiene and security certifications of the EU.
It does not emit any kind of radiation. This makes it accessible for use from all special groups of people: children, pregnant women, users with pacemakers and other relevant groups of people.
Yes. Aratos Group has the rights to its patent no 62254203 filed in the US.
It follows all standards of quality procedures including ISO certification and information security.
Unlimited. It has no batteries and it has no expiration time. It has no need for power supply.
With any smartphone or Pad that has the option: ”NFC reading”.
It is very simple to use and it requires no user training.
The information provided by the system is classified. Only basic information is accessible without a password and just for an emergency use. All other information is safe with a code known to the user and the related doctor or hospital/clinic.
In a few minutes. Simply by entering the relevant details of the user by the pharmacist or the doctor or hospital.
Any hospital or nursing unit can agree to be integrated into the DoctorCloud system by signing a simple information management protocol. It requires no special investment from hospitals/clinics and that is because the system has an open architecture.
It depends on the choice of the user. If it is connected to the user’s medical profile then it is renewed automatically by each visit to the doctor or the hospital.
Yes. DoctorCloud is an essential support tool especially for people with mental problems.
In the website there is information on the network of distributors and technical partners.
Its cost starts at 100 euros depending on the category of user and possible special features.
By completing the relevant request form resellers in the website
Although data in a blockchain are stored permanently and immutably, we have incorporated novel blockchain techniques that ensure full compliance with the GDPR. Thus, patients can make use of their "Right to be Forgotten" at any given time by contacting their treating doctor..

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